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food editoriial , herworld indonesia magazine for the best bubble teas and local snacks

food editorial for herworld indonesia magazine. 100 best local dessert @ jakarta :)

my food work for Canteen @plaza indonesia .. one of my fav resto , amazing food with good ambience .. everyone should try this :) 

i did a photo shoot for www.monolog-coffee.com , it’s a roasted baby chicken , tender yet juicy. super delicious . enjoy , happy new year 2013 everyone

another melon and ham .. it’s soo classic :)

melon and ham .. it’s soo classic :)

vanilla and strawberry pattern pudding ^^

cookies and milk 

sneak peak of isabella’s from @JnrMasterChef @MasterChef_Aust , famous lemon meringue cupcakes. can’t wait to post the full set photo :p 

finally rainbow layer cake ^^ , i bought it from blue grass resto jakarta , i twisted it and put decorative sticker on top of it :) . it tastes amazing 

macaron on a stick

cookies and milk , simple yet healthy 

hello kitty caramel popcorn

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